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Top-Notch Tank Fabrication, Repair, and Lining Services

Find High-Quality Welding

and Fabrication Services

If you're in need of tank fabrication or repair, look no further than Abbey Metal Services. From full tank fabrication to tank lining repairs, our professional team has the knowledge and skill to complete your project properly and promptly.


Rest assured we specialize in tank fabrication and repair, and have 57 years of experience to prove it. Contact us today to receive a quote on your needs.

Specializing in Tank Fabrication and Repair

Complete Tank Services

  • Fabrication and repair of tank end bells

  • Fabrication and repair of grid assemblies

  • Fabrication and repair of anodes

  • Full tank fabrication

  • Full tank lining and re-lining

  • Tank metal repair

  • Lining spot repair


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